Cooper Bates - Founder and Director

"I've come to realize inspiration springs from witnessing and listening to the world around us in all the disciplines in the human experience. The works of others fires a passion to fulfill a need in those looking for the promise of their own destiny. Being around people and bold ideas have an extraordinarily entertaining and profound impact on the way we see our own lives and the road we are on as individuals. I suspect the entertainment value is that when you do realize that you are capable of becoming a significant influence in the world, it’s soul stirring."

Cooper is the Founder of TED>LA (which lead to the concept of TEDx), Co-producer of TEDx Skidrow, Founder of Idea Project, Co-founder of Hint Mint. He is a Documentarian, Photographer and Actor, and is currently crafting a one-person show loosely based on the subtle degradation casual, verbal abuse has on the human soul. 


Harley Cross - Creative Director. Maker of many things. 

Harley Pict Twitter.jpeg

Harley Cross is an American entrepreneurfilm / television actor and producer. He is co-founder, CEO, and artistic director of Hint Mint Inc. a designer breath mint candy company. Harley was also the co-founder of Interconnected, a Los Angeles-based creative agency, that he started in 2011 with his friend and business partner, Nirvan Mullick. Through Interconnected, Harley and Nirvan produced the viral video Caine's Arcade  and the followup Caine's Arcade 2. After the viral success of Caine's Arcade, Harley and Nirvan co-founded the Imagination Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "find, foster and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids."

Today, Harley provides strategic and creative consultation on a number of social impact projects, and regularly gathers people together over dinner to inspire change.

Julia Jaye Posin - Community Manager


"Through the use of art, conscious dialogue, and innovation,  there is great opportunity to empower individuals and communities around the world to embrace a deeper relationship with humanity, and our planet. It is our duty and privilege to live passionately and sustainably. It is my life’s purpose to relentlessly fight for the survival of that of which fosters all life."

Julia Jaye Posin holds a BA in Anthropology and Environmental Systems & Societies from UCLA, and has over a decade of experience producing highly leveraged events and campaigns in over a dozen villages and cities across the world.

Focusing on the intersection of ecology and culture, Julia Jaye has worked extensively with artist and director John Quigley of Spectral Q to produce a diverse range of campaigns, human aerial art pieces, benefit concerts, and digital content all with the underlying theme of sustainability and social justice. Additionally, Julia Jaye is a vocalist and songwriter.


Aria McLauchlan - Content Creator

Aria McLauchlan.jpg

Aria is a social impact and environmental communications consultant and freelance writer. She works with select change-makers dedicated to reversing climate change, empowering women and doing more good. In 2015–16, Aria served as Communications Director of Kiss the Ground, an environmental non-profit leading content creation and coalition-building in her local Venice, California and at COP21 in Paris.

Her career has always championed work at the nexus of business, brands and behavior change, leading client relationships and then business development at marketing and branding agencies in Los Angeles, New York and Brisbane, Australia. Her clients are entrepreneurs, mission-driven brands and C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries.

She's also a personal counselor and writer, working on her first book.